Love at First Moo

Steven O’Kane and Katrina Donaldson on their wedding day with Gorgeous the cow

Moove over Cilla Black, there’s a new Cupid and she’s an udderly fabulous matchmaker.

Meet Gorgeous the prize heifer who brought newlyweds Steven O’Kane and Katrina Donaldson together.

Steven, 31, from Garvagh, Co Derry, was already fighting the odds to bring Gorgeous into the world in the first place never mind for the British Blue heifer to land this farmer a wife.

Breeder Steven explained: “I got the embryo of Gorgeous off Andrew Craig from Woodview British Blues and the odds are always stacked against you.

“You’re dabbling with nature so the chances of the embryo taking are about one in 99. But she came to be.”

Steven’s late mother Eileen also predicted the prized cow would bring him much luck and happiness.

He explained: “My mum told me to take Gorgeous across the water. She said she felt she would bring me much happiness and would do really well at the shows. My mother passed away in October but I kept my promise to take Gorgeous to the shows and went on July 7 to the show in Yorkshire.

“She won the junior champion at the show. My mother wasn’t too far wrong.”

It was there that blonde livestock buyer Katrina fell head over heels in love… with Gorgeous.

Speaking from a beach in Miami, Florida, where they are on honeymoon, Steven added: “Katrina really wanted to buy her but I said I would sell Gorgeous to her if she went on a date with me.

“Katrina went through with the pretence on the first date but then she fell in love with me.”

When the loved-up farmer popped the question the couple’s thoughts turned to having Gorgeous at their big day on May 31. And beautiful bride Katrina, 24, didn’t mind sharing her wedding day in North Yorkshire with their huge “baby”.

Steven said: “We wanted to have her at the wedding but the minister said they were too frightened of her digging up graves.

“The photographer couldn’t believe it when he saw us bringing out Gorgeous.”

The groom joked: “Cilla Black wouldn’t have a look-in with Gorgeous.

“There was some craic about the heifer at the wedding.

“My father-in-law said he still hasn’t got a refund for Gorgeous.

“I’ve got a wife and got my heifer back.”

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