Limousin Junior Nationals | Top 5 Owned Lim-Flex Heifers

Champion Owned LimFlex Heifer
Champion Divion IV
TASF Forever Classy 216F
Sire: CJSL Dauntless 6257D ET
Dam: Mags With Class
Bred & Sold by: Thomas & Sons Farms
Congratulations to John Crawford!

Reserve Owned Lim-Flex Heifer
Reserve Division Champion IV
Schilling’s Farrah ET
Sire: PVF Insight 0129
Dam: Schilling’s Whisperingeye
Bred by: Schilling
Sold by: Pembrook Cattle Company
Congrtaulations to Morgan Wise!

Third Overall Owned Lim-Flex Heifer
Champion Division III
SSTO Fancy 8865F
Sire: Colburn Primo
Dam: Riverstone Charmed
Bred by & Sold by: Stowers
Congratulations to Grace Lemenager!

Fourth Overall Owned Lim-Flex
Division VI Champion
JCL Cruel Girl 725E
Sire: Tasf Crown Royal 9600C ET
Dam: Jcl Cruel Girl Lnlm 502C
Bred by: JCL Land & Cattle
Sold by: Cole Atkinson & Matt Fuss

Fifth Overall Owned Lim-Flex
Division V Champion
MRRC Forever Charmed
Sire: S A V Sensation 5615
Dam: Riverstone Charmed
Bred by: Ratliff Cattle Company
Congratulations to Chase Ratliff!

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