Knocking the Ball Out of the Park! | Limousin Junior Nationals

Running home – Illinois enters during opening ceremonies.

Way to be smart Brent Schnettgoecke and use a Sullivan’s Smart Feed Pan.

It’s all fun & games here at Junior Nationals during Tenderfoot social!

Junior Board candidates Riley Smith and Wiley Fanta passing out shirts during check-in.

Tyla Thomas is heading to get all checked in!

Like father, like daughter.

Rise & shine for Garrett Walden as he is blowing out his heifer.


Junior Board member Callie Hicks checks a junior member’s registration papers.

Wyatt Collard uses Sullivan’s Eskimo Throw to cool off his heifer in this heat. Have you purchased yours yet?

All smiles for Julia Weaber and the little cuties show off their goodies!