Kipp Julson Benefit Auction | CLOSES TONIGHT

The Kipp Julson Benefit Auction closes TONIGHT on Breeders World at 7:00pm CST. Support Kip & his family in his battle with cancer by participating in this online auction to benefit his medical expenses!

“It’s challenging creating this event to help out a fellow cattleman & friend that is fighting cancer. Cancer is so…..BIG! Cancer can afflict anyone, and it sure did like setting up shop in Kipp Julson’s body. It has moved in and taken out a lease, but Kipp is fighting back and sending it an eviction notice. Kipp has been diagnosed with stage 4, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He is currently going thru the starting phases of treatment to beat this disease. Kipp and his family would never ask for financial donations, but as we all know Kipp, he would be the first person to help any family member, friend, or fellow cattleman in their time of need. With the treatment of cancer, the out of pocket and incidentals are massive. The online auction will be held on Thursday, April 26, which just so happens to be Kipp’s Birthday.”

Along with this online auction, we have opened a Go Fund Me site for those that just want to donate monetarily. Please go to under the Kipp Julson Benefit and you can make your contribution there. Donation Contacts: Cathy Eichacker Cell# 605-421-1138 Email: [email protected] VeaBea Thomas Cell# 605-222-9561 Email: [email protected] Tammy Mikkelson Cell# 605-949-5773 Email: [email protected]