Kansas One Day 4-Species Stock Show University® Grad Program | Windy, but a Wonderful Day in Tonganoxie

Professors Dallas Shropshire and Logan Purdum taking charge of the goat portion of the Grad Program.



Braxton Guthrie getting pointers from Professor Nicole Jacobson on showmanship skills.



Professor Andy Jacobson demonstrating the proper technique on training your hog how to drive.


It wouldn’t be a Stock Show University Grad Program without a lineup of OUTSTANDING professors.


Professor Philip Doty hitting the highlights on sheep showmanship.


Stock Show University Manager, Tess Mittag welcoming everyone to the Kansas Stock Show University Grad Program.



Professor Dallas Shropshire demonstrating the proper technique of using a Smart Sensation brush.



Professor Garrett Keitzman answering participant questions about Natural White Shampoo.



Professor Logan Purdum and Wilson Lueck discussing proper blades when clipping goats.



Professors Philip and Randa Doty teaming up, taking over the sheep portion of the Kansas Stock Show University Grad Program.



Professors Andy and Nicole Jacobson working hard during the clipping demonstration.



Kennedy and Quinn Bragg shearing off their ewe with the assistance of Professor Randa Doty.



Karlie Janeczko carefully watching Professor Lauren Fredrick shape a tailhead on her steer.



Chris Raye getting some helpful tips from Professor Garrett Keitzman.



Professor Logan Purdum using the Andis Pulse ZR2 clippers during the goat clipping demonstration.



Professor Luke Wood explaining the importance of using Sullivan’s Hydrator Conditioner during daily care routines.



Wrenley Hager getting assistance from Professor Dallas Shropshire during the clipping one-on-one portion.



Lainey Hager using a 360 Brush with Stock Show University Manager, Tess Mittag.



Professor Nicole Jacobson reviewing the Champion Choice Line-Up available at Sullivan Supply.



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