Kansas Beef Expo – Senior Heifer Show – Top 5 – Ring B

Supreme Champion Heifer
Grand Champion Percentage Simmental
Sire: Chopper
Sold by: Holmes Show Cattle and Tyler Campbell
Bred by: Celander Show Cattle
Congratulations to Taylor Goering!

Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer
Grand Champion Maine-Anjou Female
Sire: BPF Mercedes Benz 131U
Dam: DMCC Winnie 43W
Bred by: Bushy Park Cattle Company
Congratulations to Emma Vickland of Longmont, CO!

Third Overall Heifer
Champion Simmental Heifer
Sire: JMOL Steel
Bred and Sold by: Jered Shipman
Congratulations to Allyson Ottensmeier

Fourth Overall Heifer
Grand Champion Commercial Heifer
Sire: Walk this Way
Dam: Commercial Cow 23
Sold by: Kendall Bremer
Bred by: Grant Saeko
Congratulations to Cale Martin.

Fifth Overall Heifer
Grand Champion Mainetainer Heifer
Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Angus Cross
Bred and Sold by: Casey Hilmes
Congratulations to Abby Wood.