Kansas Beef Expo | Ring A – Top 5 Heifers (Judges – Wayne & Barb Olrichs)

Supreme Champion Heifer
Champion Red Angus Heifer
Sire: Big Foot
Dam: Baylor Princess 5Y
Bred by: Top line
Sold by: Lampe
Congratulations to Hadley Hartman

Reserve Supreme Heifer
Champion Simmental Heifer
Sire: Pays to Believe
Dam: Hoya Saxa
Sold by: Paulsen, Udell, Randy James
Congratulations to Toby Noble

Third Overall Heifer
Champion Commercial Heifer
Sire: Primo
Dam: Northern Improvement
Bred by: Michael Kinna
Sold by: CEG, Paulsen, Wilson, Hoobler
Congratulations to Sam Poclzimek

Fourth Overall Heifer
Champion LimFlex Heifer
Sire: Excessive Force
Dam: Auto Poem
Bred by:Edwards Land and Cattle
Sold by: Hartman, AK Show Cattle, CB Cattle Co
Congratulations to Dawson Dey

Fifth Overall Heifer
Champion Angus Heifer
Sire: Bluechip
Dam: SLL Ellie 2201
Bred and Sold by: Udell
Congratulations to Kaylee Langford