Just Another Manic Monday | National Junior Angus Show

Kathryn Coleman tries her hand at some Plinko this afternoon.

Have you tried the New Sullivan’s Hydrator Nourishing Conditioner.

Watch out for thr rowdy crowd this week.

Evan Palmer blows out his heifer this afternoon.

Kyle Kirtley uses a Sullivan’s Rice Root Brush on his heifer.

Don’t forget to stop by Maryland’s Display to take a picture at their photo booth!

Ella Jane Micheal and Hixson Herbers chill out with their heifer.

Nicholas  & McKenna Jackson  stop by the Sullivan’s trailer to have a sweet treat.

Broxton Lavinski & Merrit Rosenhagen visti with Sales Intern Bailey Irick at the trailer.

Lindsey Decker working hard this afternoon.

Kole Kirtley blow out his heifer.

Carson Cole lounging around.