Just another day in Grand Island | Gelbvieh Junior National Classic

Gelbviehs sure know how to put together awards for the top 10 exhibitors!

Kenna Collins and Chase Tabor are killin’ Jenga!

Pulse Intern, Whitney Andras, and Stock Show U Event Intern, Abbee Carnes work Pump up the Volume this morning.

An ecstatic Tom Murphy works hair on his cattle this morning with a Sullivan’s Smart Scrub, and a Top Gun Sprayer.

Junior member Kayce Brown uses her new vintage-feel Sullivan’s Smart Sensation Brush to work freshly washed hair on her heifer.

Join us again tomorrow morning at the wash racks from 6:00-10:00 for Pump up the Volume!

Juniors tested their cattle evaluation skills during the judging contest held this morning.

Cody Webb clips a calf before show day tomorrow.

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