Junior Simmental National Classic | Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Showmanship – Top 5 Junior Showman

Champion Showman – Pepper Elmore
Reserve Showman – Chase Harker
Third Overall Showman – Josie Phillips
Fourth Overall Showman – Grace Lemenager
Fifth Overall Showman – Emma Woodard
6th – Dow Boyd
7th – Caitlyn Skiles
8th – Hadley Hendrickson
9th – Paisley Schick
10th – Anna Webel
11th – Kallie Cloud
12th – Mabry Schick
13th – Glennys McGurk
14th – Gracyn Welsh
15th – Chezney Early
16th – Madison Metzger
17th – Kaden Bennington
18th – Conley Schick
19th – Jasper Tarr
20th – Luke Gilbert
Pictured with Judges, Justin and Emily Adcock and The Pulse Content Coordinator, Taylor Adcock

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