Junior Board Member Spotlight – Joseph O’Sullivan

Take a few seconds to get to know one of the Shorthorn Junior Board Members – Joseph O’Sullivan

Hometown: Maple Lake, MN

Who are your greatest mentors? My dad, Frank Sullivan, John Sullivan, and Roger Sullivan

What is your favorite junior national memory? 2006 Junior Nationals, Des Moines, IA I had Champion Heifer

What do you want people to be excited about with Junior Nationals? Their ability to meet other agriculture enthusiast from other states with the same interest and be able to interact with them.

What is the board most excited about? We are excited to meet the kids we represent and help be a mentor to them. Setting a good example for them in and out of the ring.

What is the biggest life lesson you can take away from showing livestock? Work ethic, the benefits it gives us and the good things come to those who work hard

What is the most rewarding experience while on the Jr. Board? The success of the Leading the Legacy sale. Being a part of the group that played a big role in that sale felt good.

How do you plan to stay involved with your breed after your term on the jr board is over? I plan to have a small shorthorn herd so I can sell shorthorn and shorthorn influenced cattle to kids for their projects. I also hope my kids want to stay involved with the show industry and shorthorns.

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