JNHE Helpful Hints Take 7

1) Cows born prior to Aug. 1, 2015. No maximum age for cows. Calf must be her natural calf, no more than 270 days in age as of the day of the show. Calves must be born on or after October 22, 2016. There will be a bred-and-owned cow-calf class and standard cow-calf classes. Winners of the bred-and-owned and standard classes will compete for champion pair.
2) Polled and horned pairs will be combined in one cow-calf show.
3) Bred-and-owned cow-calf class – Exhibitor must be the breeder and owner of both the cow and calf. The same cow-calf pair may not show in both the bred-and-owned and standard cow-calf classes.
4) Standard cow-calf classes – Exhibitor must be the breeder of the calf, and must have been the recorded owner of the cow at the time of conception.
5) Bull and heifer calves on cow-calf pairs are eligible to show in individual classes. They must be entered individually and pay the additional entry fee. The bred-and-owned bull show ownership rules apply to bull calves in the cow-calf show.
6) There will be no nurse cows allowed in the cow-calf pair show or stalled in the barns.
7) All calves on the side of cow-calf pairs MUST be registered and tattooed.