JNHE Helpful Hints Take 4

1) Exhibitor must be 7 years old and not 22 years old by January 1, 2017, and a member of the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA). Dues are $15 and must be paid prior to entry. Membership forms may be downloaded at JrHereford.org
2) All animals must be registered with the AHA.
3) Each entry, except in the bred-and-owned bull show must be owned solely by the junior exhibitor(s) and in his/her recorded ownership before June 1. Siblings may jointly own animals, provided both are members of the NJHA and meet NJHA age requirements. No animal is eligible to compete if recorded in joint ownership (other than the sibling rule and bred-andowned bull rule), and no joint ownership with farm name or family name.
4) Horned or de-horned animals are eligible for the horned owned breeding show; polled cattle or cattle with scurs are eligible for the polled owned breeding show. Horned and polled cow-calf pairs, steers, bred-and owned bulls and bred-and-owned heifers will show together in their respective shows. Scurs, if present, must be loose and not firmly attached to the head; they must not be removed or tampered with.
5) ONLINE ENTRIES processed by June 1 are $60 per head. A onetime bedding fee per entry is $60 and this includes bedding for tie outs.
6) Final Entry and Ownership Deadline is June 1. All animals must be registered and transferred prior to the June 1 entry and ownership deadline date. No late transfers or entries will be accepted. Entries with “pending” listed, as the registration number will not be accepted and entry will be refused. This includes calves showing on the sides of cows in the cow-calf pair show. Entry fees are non-refundable.
7) All cattle must be in place in the barn by 5 p.m., Saturday, July 15 and processed by 6 p.m., Saturday, July 15.
8) Original registration certificate must be presented at check-in. All animals will have tattoos checked unless the original registration paper has been stamped VERIFIED by an AHA staff member. Tattoos that are missing, illegible, altered, incorrect and/or in any other way disagree with the official AHA records will be justifiable cause for disqualification of entry. Check tattoos well before leaving for the JNHE.
9) Entries must meet Kentucky health regulations. All animals must have an official health certificate. Refer to Kentucky health requirements at JrHereford.org.
10) Exhibitor must show his/her own animals. Only exhibitors who are in attendance at the JNHE and are physically unable to show the animals due to illness or injury will be excused. In the case of extenuating
circumstances, the family must come to the NJHA board and AHA Youth Director, in which case, the board of directors and AHA Youth Director have sole discretion as to whether the animal may be shown by a substitute showman. Owner may secure another junior member to show his/her animals if excused or if exhibitor has more than one entry in the same class. It is recommended that if you have more than one animal being shown in a class you utilize a fellow junior from your own state to assist. No adult or fellow junior may assist exhibitor in showring.
11) Exhibitor must wear official show shirt in both showmanship and in the entire cattle show along with entry numbers on chest and back. Additional show shirts may be purchased for $20.
12) Exhibitor must follow AHA fitting rules as stated in the official “Show Rules and Classifications” of the AHA.
13) State herdsmanship (neatness, decoration, workmanship and cooperation) will be judged.
14) If all requirements aren’t met, the NJHA Board and Youth Director reserve the right to disqualify any entry.
15) All persons making entries in the show shall agree to abide by all the rules and regulations as outlined and will not hold the American Hereford Association or the 2017 Junior National Hereford Expo organizers responsible for accident, loss or injury to any person, animal or article.