Inside the Showbox with Chase Taylor

Chase Taylor is a senior at Shoshoni High School in Shoshoni, Wyoming. This Boer goat showman is no stranger to the show ring.  Check out a little bit about what is inside her showbox below!!


What’s your favorite show?
American Royal
What is your favorite thing to do in the barn?
I love working hair! Rinsing, combing, blowing, all of it!


What is your least favorite thing to do in the barn?
I hate cleaning pens. But it makes it fun to have a few friends over to help!


What’s the weirdest thing that’s in your show box at a show?
I keep the first blue ribbon I ever won in my showbox wherever I go. Some people find it weird but it reminds me of the goals I’ve met throughout my show career.


What breed do you show?
Boer goats


Why do you like showing this breed?
I enjoy the laid back yet competitive atmosphere of the goat barn.


What are some of your favorite Sullivan Supply products to use on your animals?
Rejuvenate Shampoo, Revive Lite, Roto Brush, and my 360° brush


What’s your showbox staple item?
I can’t go anywhere without a can of Tail adhesive and a comb!


Tell us about your favorite show animal.
My favorite show animal was my 2019 Wyoming State Fair Reserve Champion Wether, Lloyd. It was awesome to take a wether from my own herd to compete with the best and succeed at our state fair. His attitude and loving personality was second to none!


What is your favorite part about showing?
My favorite part about showing is the connections and relationships I’ve made as a result of my time in the industry. Showing livestock has opened so many doors for my future in the Ag industry and life!!