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beaconhillrumor1007Sire of Embryos: Deadliest Catch (Rodgers)
Donor Name: Beacon Hill Rumor 1007 AHA Reg # 43138155 DLF, HYF, IEF
Sire of Donor: SR CG Hard Rock 5073
Breed: Embryo calves will be 50% Hereford
Comments: Make an investment that will pay you back for years to come. Herefords are hot and high dollar, classifiable steers are extremely popular and easy to sell. Likewise their sisters will be valuable additions to your clubby breeding program. If you want Hereford marked steers and steer making mammas with bone, dimension, big hips, good hair and structural soundness then here you go! Rumor is a registered Hereford with a first-class pedigree and all the right stuff. Her track record in the show ring was written in purple. Flushing her to Deadliest Catch may be one of the better ideas we’ve had and the first calves are awesome! Buy these eggs and look forward to calves with style, mass, cool looks and POTENTIAL !! Embryos were collected by Dennis Avery at DNA Genetics, Rose, OK

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