In Honor of Beef Month

Put your skills to the test and see how many questions you can answer correctly! No cheating

What Steak am I?

1. What is the name of this steak?
This name is the steak which is actually a recipe for a large tenderloin steak for two people. It was created during Napoleon’s era, for a French author and statesman. The steak is usually broiled and served with a béarnaise sauce.

2. What is the name of this steak?
This steak name is actually a recipe which was created in a city in England; the recipe was first printed in the U.S. in 1946. The traditional recipe calls for flank steak that is marinated and broiled or grilled, and served by carving in thin slices. Other cuts besides flank can be used.

3. What is the name of this steak?
This steak was named after porter houses, or coach stops, where in the early 1800s, travelers stopped to dine on steak and ale. This steak became popular in the U.S. around 1814 when a New York City porter house keeper began serving it.

4. What is the name of this steak?
This American “steak” is actually an oval ground beef patty, usually seasoned with onion and broiled or grilled. It is often served with brown gravy. It is named after the 19th century physician who recommended that beef, particularly chopped or minced beef, be eaten three times a day to ward off many ailments including anemia, asthma, rheumatism & tuberculosis.


Q. The first beef cattle in the U.S. were what breed?

Just for Fun:
Q. What is the current nationally advertised slogan for beef?
Q. Top quality leather basketballs are made from cowhides. How many basketballs can be made from 1 cowhide?
Q. How many top quality leather baseballs can be made from just 1 cowhide?
Q. What are NFL footballs made of?

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