Hoosier Hacienda | 2020 Indiana State Fair

Judge Jason Cantrell slaps his champion market hog.

Colton Deckard focuses on a top line this morning.

Lane Slaton smoothes up a belly line.

Jamison Royer uses Sullivan’s Black Finisher before leaving the chute.

Haley Jarck works hair on her champion market heifer.

Eye on the prize for Landon Berry.

Kendall Barnett shines up her barrow with a Sullivan’s EX85 Brush.

Dillon Brock putting on the finishing touches before final drive.

Brynn Lortie has a serious talk with her lamb before the show.

Jill Harker congratulating Collin Deatsman after winning fourth overall breeding heifer.

Garrett Terhaar blows out his wether’s legs.

Ben and Rachel Streitmatter sharing a sweet moment.

Kendall Leonhard blacked out with his Sullivan products close by.

The Schaeffer crew getting their many many head ready for today’s grand drive.