Holy Guacamole, It’s Thursday! | Maine Anjou and Chianina Junior National

Buck Cattle must of been pretty behind today for Jirl to wipe the dust off his comb.

Owned Chianina Judges, Bruce and Amy Stertzbach, talk about the heifers one last time before selecting a champion.

Tammi McCollum gives her daughter, Macie, a big hug after being selected Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer.

It’s a Grand Fiesta for Jason Minneart tonight. Breeder of the Champion Maine Angus Heifer, stops for a picture with Caleb Seys and Jess Recknor.

Elizabeth Fleming uses a Sullivan’s double-sided  Teflon comb to fit a tail head.

Drew McCullough uses a handy sprayer trigger to paint the flank with Sullivan’s Ultra White.

A unicorn or Bria Herndon?

Eric Rae only trusts Sullivan’s products when it comes time to fitting cattle.

Jorja Ebert helps Bronson Marston put Sullivan’s Flare on a heifer before she heads up to the ring.

Ben Strietmatter dials in this heifer’s top before it is time to go into the ring.

Savannah Garrett uses Sullivan’s Hocus Pocus to break down her calf after the show.

Little Jim Young loves Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive so much, he got the monkey logo tattooed on his arm.

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