Hog Show Ring Etiquette Tips from Purina

Show Ring Etiquette: Courtesy in a crowded show ring.
When class numbers are high at a pig show, it typically results in limited driving room in the ring. If this happens, work to catch the judge’s eye while still sharing the shavings. Here are a few common show ring challenges and how to overcome them:
1. Cutting off a drive. This isn’t always intentional, but just like driving a car, keep an eye on other pigs in the ring and avoid intersecting other exhibitors’ drives.
2. Shutting your gate. Taking the extra second to shut your holding gate can help keep other pigs out and the class moving.
3. Entrance first impressions. Allow each exhibitor a chance to catch the judge’s eye on the first look. Once you’ve had your chance, circle behind the judge to give everyone a fair shot.
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Exhibitor: Trent Watje
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