Herefords in Harrisburg Day 3

drumBrayden Drum of Arkansas working hair in the stall!

bean-bag-tossLindsey Bowman, Sullivan Supply Scholarship Winner playing bean bag toss to pass the time!

haircut Haircut in the Hereford stalls!

bandFun opening ceremony fill with awards and a Civil War reenactment!

last-It is the last year of all of the these exhibitors at the Junior National Hereford Expo!

basketballPee Wee Basketball…alway entertaining!

basketball-Herefords take their 3-on-3 basketball VERY seriously!

supermanChase Harker doing his superman pose!

ericEric and Whitney Walker enjoying opening ceremonies!

kids2Lots of Hereford exhibitors in attendance tonight at opening ceremonies!

hes-deadMan down!!! A great performance tonight with the civil war reenactment!

ceremonyAn awesome portrayal of the events during the civil war!