Helpful Tips from the AGJA

May is full of deadlines for both Regional Shows as well as Junior Classic. Here are a few helpful tips to help you stay on top of things!

1) Make a list!
-Start by simply writing down everything that needs to be done in any random order, just start writing.
-Prioritize those tasks in order of ease and time. Put those simple, easy to do tasks at the top and leave those longer daunting tasks for the end.
-After you’ve got your to-do list organized and in order, start getting specific with each item! List phone numbers, location of items to be packed, places to be, appointment times etc.
If you’re thinking, “I’m too busy to sit down and make a list.” Ask yourself if you’re willing to consciously take on an extra stress load when the deadline is less than 24 hours away. Trust me, a list will make a world of difference but only if you use it!

2) Set reminders in your phone!
-It’s 2019 and whether you’re a millenial or not chances are your phone isn’t more than four feet from you at any point during your day. Set an alarm, reminder or alert when you think of a tasks that needs to get done.
-Stop telling yourself “I’ll do it this evening.” without setting that reminder. Setting yourself up for success is all about accountability and drive. Use your phone to help you accomplish those tasks throughout your day.

3) Set aside some “ME” time every day.
– ME time doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be YOURS! Between tasks, sit down for 2 minutes, or walk around the barn, the block, the house etc.
– Taking a short break between tasks can help the brain reset and engage in the next tasks with focus and determination!

4) Ask for HELP!
-Aside from family and friends you have 10 dedicated and willing AGJA Directors and the AGA staff here to help. We are a resource for you and we want to see you succeed. Asking for help, advice, or suggestions is exactly what we’re here for!

You can reach out to us on here, Instagram, Snapchat or even email the AGJA Board of Directors at:
[email protected]

Shared from the American Gelbvieh Junior Association