Heatin’ Up in Brookings | National Simmental Classic

Taddy Adcock, Pulse Manager, goes from cameras to bellies to babysitting Chaddy…what can’t she do?

Tyler Bush puts the smoke on a belly.

Kaegan Jeffrey works on a hind leg.

Sullivan’s Hocus Pocus + Smart Scrub = perfect break down combo for Danny Harker.

Anah Higbie loves using Flare on her calf before going into the ring.

Best show dad award – Mark Hoge?

Sullivan’s Fitting Mats make for the perfect mattress in the stalls.

The best hugs come from four-legged friends – isn’t that right Sydney Baty?

Darla Aegerter, youth-programs and foundation manager for the American Simmental Association, gets welcomed for her efforts by her Junior Board Members and a standing ovation.