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Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the pig ring, it is essential to stay up to date on new products that are hitting the show industry. Awareness of new products can enhance practices you are already preforming on the animals you have on feed in your show barn. Stock Show University® Manager, Tess Mittag, sat down with Sullivan Supply’s National Sales Representative, A.J. Hornback, to collect her perspective of what the TOP 5 hog products that are flying off the Sullivan Supply Trailers for daily care routines and show day essentials.


Sullivan’s High Definition – This product is the new, ultimate show day, show ring shine spray for swine. The deep, color enhancing shine of High Definition creates added dimension and freshness to the hide of your show pig. This product features a balance of light weight natural ingredients that softens hair and deepens the color tone of darker pigmented show pigs. High Definition is great for swine of all colors.


Sullivan’s Rejuvenate Shampoo – Rejuvenate offers an olive oil, pomegranate extract, and Vita Skin package that leaves the skin on all species silky smooth. This makes the perfect non-degreasing shampoo. Rejuvenate cleans while leaving key natural oils in place to preserve the skin and hide. This shampoo is safe for everyday use without the concern for dryness and irritation. With its mild antiseptic and toning properties, this shampoo also helps tighten pores and tone the skin. REMINDER: Sullivan’s Vita Skin package contains: Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin C.


Sullivan’s Revive & Revive Lite – What a great product to promote healthy and beautiful hair coat! The foaming action of Revive dissipates into the hair to moisturize and bring life, body, and freshness to dull, dry hair without leaving the hair waxy or limp. Revive is formulated with a purified grade of nourishing bio-based plant leaf and seed oils along with olive oil and high-grade lanolin ester emollients that penetrate and condition the skin and hair with nature’s nutrients. The natural antioxidants contained in Revive stimulate circulation within the scalp to increase nutrient absorption into the hair follicles for faster, healthier hair growth. Revive is high in Vitamin E and fortified with VITA HAIR™. Revive Lite was created to feature the same great conditioning as Revive, but with warmer weather in mind.


Sullivan’s Driver and Alpha Whip – Want a stylish but effective whip in the show ring? The Driver Whip features a medium flex fiberglass core shaft that is wrapped in a black nylon weave material. The 5“ long lash/popper on the whip is very flexible. This ultra-responsive lash is also strong with its reinforced braided-in nylon construction. The hinge joint that connects the lash to the shaft is reinforced with a hidden brass cuff for added durability. The hand grip is covered in a threaded-braid nylon weave material that is available in black, blue, purple, or teal color. The hardware at the end of the handle features a durable molded black plastic ball tip. The Driver Whip is available in 33” or 36” length sizes. This whip is a tremendous multipurpose whip. Its firm feel is great for training at home, while also having a mid-flex shaft and very responsive popper that is super for shows. The Alpha Whip is also a go to when packing for a show. It is extreme in every way. Its composite fiberglass shaft consists of the highest level of super flex materials that are stronger than many metals by weight. This composite shaft is encased in a black nylon weave material. New to the industry, is the Super Grip Rubber handle. This extra-long, tacky, nonslip handle is extremely comfortable. It reduces hand fatigue and allows for better control. The hardware at the end of the handle consists of a smooth, form fitted cap. The lash/popper is a reinforced, braided-in nylon that is 5 inches long. This creates a strong, but extremely flexible lash that allows for tremendous quick action from the end of the whip. The hinge joint that connects the lash to the shaft is reinforced with a hidden brass cuff, making it the strongest, most durable in the industry. The Alpha excels in strength at this location, where others tend to fail. The Alpha Whip is also available in 33” or 36” length sizes.


Sullivan’s EX85 Brush – Popular by demand, the EX85 brush was designed for the expert showman in mind. It includes 1” Tampico Bristles that come in 85 bristle channels that provide a wider coverage when brushing your hog. The uniquely designed wooden handle can also be used to assist in driving your hog like a professional.

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