Get to Know Your Sullivan Supply Sales Reps Featuring: Bryce Tiffany

The Sullivan Supply Sales Reps are the backbone of Sullivan Supply and the friendly, familiar faces many people in our industry have come to know. We wanted to give the opportunity to get to know those faces in the window. First up is Sullivan Supply Show Manager, Bryce Tiffany. Bryce hails from Adel, Iowa and has been a part of the Sullivan Supply family for the last 4 years.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Bryce: In my free time I like to travel spontaneously.

Why do you like working in the livestock industry?
Bryce: I like working in the livestock industry because it truly has set a ground precedence for me. This standard drives me to be a better person, leader, and teacher for the industry’s youth.

What do you believe Sullivan Supply does for the livestock show industry?
Bryce: Sullivan Supply has become another avenue for today’s youth to grow and connect with which in turn, leads them to be the leaders of tomorrow. It is through their hard work in the barn, and dedication to their families that will drive them to guide our next generation.

What opportunities have you gained from working at Sullivan Supply?
Bryce: The industry connections and friend base that I have gained while working at Sullivan Supply has far exceeded my expectations. These connections have become part of my extended family.