Gelbvieh Junior Breeder of the Year

Congratulations to Alexx Starr, Stapleton, Nebraska, daughter of Scott and Raberta Starr on being named the 2022 AGJA Junior Breeder of The Year!
Alexx’s family owns and operates Cedar Top Ranch near Stapleton, Nebraska. Alexx is active with the daily operation of the ranch by helping care for cows, check pastures along with the variety of jobs that come with managing an operation of that size. Alexx is also actively involved and takes a serious role in making mating decisions each year. She is entrusted with traveling to other operations to promote Cedar Top Ranch and buy and sell seed stock cattle. Additionally, Alexx works in the Bull Barn Genetics office and sells semen.
Alexx recently completed her fourth year on the AGJA Board of Directors, serving previously as Treasurer, Vice President and most recently as President. Over the years she has played a vital role in the association’s progression toward an inclusive and progressive environment. Her constructive mindset provided guidance not only for her fellow directors but the membership of the AGJA. Many would describe her position in the beef industry as “forward thinking, world ready”. Alexx is optimistic about the future of the Gelbvieh breed and what they can offer not only our domestic commercial customers but international partners as well through semen sales both on the beef and dairy side. She is a visionary and truly encompasses what this award was designed to promote.
The 2021-2022 AGJA Board of Directors gave serious thought to serve the tradition of awarding its members who work tirelessly on their herd’s genetics, educating others about the breed, and taking ownership of their skills and knowledge as it pertains to the relevance to the industry. In doing so, the board of directors introduced for the first time ever, the AGJA Junior Breeder of The Year Award. The idea behind such award is to retain the opportunity to recognize a junior member who goes above and beyond the call of duty regarding the Gelbvieh breed, their family’s operation, the education of the breed, as well as exemplifying good character and leadership skills amongst their peers. Looking toward the future, the AGJA hopes to continue providing an atmosphere of inclusion, leadership, professional development, and opportunity to all youth.

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