For the Serious Showman

Take a look at some of these innovative products from Sullivan Supply that are a must for every showman! Order today!

Sullivans Showman’s Grip Lead
A very comfortable grip for the showman! The Showman’s Grip features a strong polymer blend material that covers the area where the exhibitor grips the chain with their hand. The chain length under the animal’s chin is not covered to assist with control. Will not become tacky or fray.

Sullivan’s Carbon Fiber Show Stick
The Elite Show Stick!
Extremely strong, yet lightest in weight!
Constructed from high-end carbon fiber material commonly used for aerospace parts. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel, yet features a feather-light feel that is 25% lighter than aluminum sticks. It has incredible flex characteristics that can bow but will not kink or dent. All this in a beautiful high gloss checkered translucent pattern. Available in 54”, 60” and 68” lengths.