For the Love of the Game| Limousin Junior Nationals

Judge, Tim Fitzgerald slaps Kinnick Paulsen heifer for top honors.

Shelby Skinner gets eye level on a belly.

The Paulsen clan getting their champion heifer ready today. Thank you for trusting in the Sullivan Supply line.

There was time to kill during today’s show, so why not play bag toss?

Working hard or hardly working Aaron Linhart?

Jacob Hudlow works hair with a Sullivan’s Smart Scrub this morning.

Proud papa, Jeff Paulsen embraces Kinnick after a successful (and stressful) day.

Judge Tim Fitzgerald gives his final remarks.

Callie Hicks is full of emotion as she gets selected Third Overall.

It was a busy day in the chutes!

Cole Sullivan is selected for champion lim-flex pair.