Tess Mittag | Stock Show University Manager

Sullivan Supply is excited to announce Tess Mittag as the Manager of Stock Show University. 

Tess comes from an livestock background and we are excited to bring her knowledge and skills to the Sullivan Supply team. A previous Iowa Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor for 6 years, Tess is the perfect fit for this position at Sullivan Supply and we are excited to see Tess’ skill set in action.

When asked what Tess looks forward to most, she replied networking with kids all across the United States that have passion for showing livestock. Tess stated, “Education has been such a vital part in my life for the past 6 years so joining Stock Show University to work hands-on with youth across the United States that have the same passion I do is a dream come true.”  

Tess’ Favorite Sullivan Supply Products:

Daily Hair Care – Sullivan’s Rice Root Brush
“I personally believe that one of the best ways to grow hair effectively is stimulating the hair by brushing every day with the Rice Root Brush.”

Show Day Product – Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive
“It’s simply the best in the business when comparing its hold in whatever weather conditions you are showing in. ”

Tess Can Be Reached At: [email protected]

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