Finally Friday | Junior Simmental National Classic

Congratulations to Ashtin Guyer on your Grand Champion Purebred Female today!

Braedon Callis gets his heifer stuck in his Division.

It’s Paisley Schick vs. the boys on this one.

Andrew Duke – Voted Best Stall Leveler in the Barn

Nolan Lee and John Sullivan, Founder of Sullivan Supply & Stock Show University take some time to stop and take a picture.

Geoff Andras really concentrates on this tailhead.

Dial it in.

Brigham Stewart takes a few days off of #Ranchin’ to do some #AirClippin’

Wes Horn works his magic with some Sullivan’s Black Finisher

Kayden Tanner leads his heifer into Division this morning.

Blake Quiggins clips out a belly

Kip Wallace uses some Sullivan’s Jet Black on a back leg.