If you have been in the industry, you know that this is the time of year when many cattle people start to fight ringworm within their show string. In this tip from Stock Show University®, we will be covering the basics about Ringworm and some preventive measures for you to have in your show barn this winter show season! 


So, what is Ringworm actually? Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin. Ringworm is frequently more aggressive in confined cattle during the winter months and less frequent in the summer months.  Even though that ringworm is a contagious disease, your chances are reduced when your calf maintains a healthy hair coat during the winter months. This is because when a calf’s hair is lacking their natural hair oils, your calf is more susceptible to Ringworm. To maintain a healthy hair coat during the winter months, use Sullivan’s Revive daily – which is one of Sullivan Supply’s best-selling daily care products that is high in Vitamin E and fortified with VITA HAIR™.


Even if you are keeping up on their daily hair care maintenance of your calf, it is still important that you are regularly checking for Ringworm –  so you can catch the problem before you have a severe outbreak. When examining your animal for Ringworm, you should look for hair loss in a circular pattern and development of heavy, gray-white crusts and redness at the site of infection. 


As mentioned before, Ringworm is a contagious disease, so the spread of Ringworm occurs in two different ways: through body contact of an infected animal or through objects used on infected animals. Having said that, it can be spread from animal to animal by your favorite show products such as: SMART Combs, SMART Scrub Brush, clipper blades, SMART Feed Pans, rope halters, blower hose nozzles, etc. 


A preventative measure or a cure for Ringworm that Sullivan Supply® can provide to your show barn is Sullivan’s Fighting Five. Fighting Five is a blend of natural oils that prevents, eliminates, and heals all types of fungus such as Ringworm. The unique ability to repair the damaged skin on your animal results in faster hair growth.  Fighting Five can be used to prevent a breakout if the animal has been exposed to areas infected with fungus. It is recommended to treat equipment that has been exposed to Ringworm and other fungus with Fighting Five or Sullivan’s Anti-Fungus Equipment Dip.


Last but not least, be aware for yourself! Ringworm is a zoonotic disease, which means transmission to humans can easily happen!


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