Down the Stretch They Come | Junior Simmental National Classic

Ross Helms and Colyer Schaeffer check out some heifers in the make ready area.

Nathan Pulliam finishes up a front leg with some Sullivan’s Jet Black.

Lucas Crutcher dials in on a front leg.

Chase Harker does what it takes to get his steer stuck.

Jon Jordon said if we took his picture it had to go on The Pulse, so here it is.

Hailey Hedrick works on a belly line this morning

The Champion Steer gets dressed to the nines. Congratulations Chase Harker!

Aaron Kavanaugh uses Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch Up on a back leg.

Chuck Lemenager demonstrates multi-tasking at its best.

Josie Phillip’s Reserve Bred & Owned Percentage Heifer gets some final touches down before making her way to the ring.

Don’t forget to see the Dynamic Duo, Greg and Pearl Walthall at the backdrop!

Mila Ruble points out the Champion Simbrah Heifer. You have to start them young, folks!