Cool Cows, Cool Kids, Cool Colorado | Colorado State Fair

The Richardson family trusts Sullivan Supply on their champion steer today. Congratulations on Nash’s big win!

Phil Pfannebecker perfects a tail head.

A big thanks to Lisa and Laura Reid and the Showtimes crew for all their hard work at the Colorado State Fair.

Tom Torres uses Sullivan’s Flare to get his goat ready for show day.

Tyson King fits a front leg.

Payton Voloshin and her family get her steer ready for the grand drive.

Brock Fassett uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhisive on show day.

Colorado State Fair Officail Liverstock Photographer Beverly Englert getting the job done today.

Tanner and Karsyn Fetzer share a borther sister moment after Karsyn’s champion goat win.

Casey Sidwell puts the finishing touches on her son Cal’s reserve champion steer’s tail head. Thanks for trusting Sullivan Supply on show day!