Colorado Two-Day 4-Species Stock Show University® Grad Program | Sundays are for Sunshine and Stock Show U®

Professor Katie Matsumoto all smiles while answering questions!


Professor Isaiah Bridwell sharing all the tips and tricks to perfecting a back leg.


Professor A.J. Line explaining Game Changer before the fitting demonstration to the cattle participants.


Thank you to all our outstanding and dedicated Professors this weekend – Zack Lear (Iowa), Travis Wallen (Indiana), Trace Titus (Illinois),Chris Mackey (Tennessee), Lizzy Black (South Dakota) Katie Matsumoto (California), A.J. Line (Illinois), Katia Voloshin (Colorado), and Isaiah Bridwell (Indiana). 


Professor Katia Voloshin assists Ansley Gresham during the cattle fitting one-on-one session.


This is what the cattle demonstration table looks like after a successful day at the Grad Program.


Professor Travis Wallen working with Joe Holdren on proper showmanship skills.


Evan Gish bringing his A game to the goat showmanship portion of the clinic.


Aubrey Bancroft asking all the questions this morning!


Professor Trace Titus shaping a leg during this morning’s demonstration.

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