Clark Show Cattle – Online Sale

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Lot 1 – Bull
Sire: Jesse James
We feel like this individual is truly unique. A power packed bull prospect who is huge ribbed and incredible in his structural design. Hitting his track with every step with a cockiness and a look unmatched. He posses extra extension thru his front third all with an impeccable chest floor and shoulder. As anyone can see he’s as hairy as they come. To top it off he;s not only sired by a calving ease bull but out of a first calf heifer unassisted with a birthweight of 66lbs. His grandmother is a Maximus donor for us and his mother sold for 10,500 as a heifer calf. Don’t pass up this opportunity to own full possession ane 2/3 semen interest on possiblyu the next great calving ease sire.

Lot 2 – Bull
Sire: Friskey Whiskey
Selling in tack this Frisky Whiskey son is dead level out of his hip with awesome muscle mass and shape. A huge body and big centered bull calf who is extremely sound in the way that he goes and has been great haired since day one.

Lot 3 – Heifer
Sire: Wyoming Wind Son
Well here is leading female of our Fall Selection! Anyone who knows us, is familiar with our Charolais composites we have championed. And boy does this one fit right in with them. Destined to hang banners at all levels. It is with a heavy heart that we have opted to sell this female. She is a good one, bid with confidence.

Lot 4 – Heifer
Sire: First Impression
Come on, with the come on. Ray Charles can see that this one is as good looking as they come. She is a little thinner than 113 but she is younger as well. Awesome structure, huge hipped, and did you see her neck. We have yet to show an angus but this one is our kind. Ernie did, Well Tammy. Ernie did the homework creating her. This one can go places. Backed by Gran Torino on the dam side. She will get better everyday.