Chris Hart – Simmental


Name: Chris Hart
Age: 17
Hometown: Oglethorpe, Georgia
What are you looking forward to at Junior Nationals? Seeing all my friends that I have met while showing that are from various states.
What is your favorite Junior National memory? Winning Reserve Champion intermediate showman at Lima, OH jr nationals.
What is your favorite Junior National Contest? Sales Talk
What is a song you play to get ready to show or pumps you up in the barn? Lose Yourself Eminem
What do you like to when you aren’t showing? Looking at calves and talking to people in the barns
What do you love about your breed? Everyone is friendly and laid back. Simmental was one of the first breeds I showed and I really love the breed.
What are some goals you have set for yourself? To be successful in the cattle industry and in and out of the show ring.
Do you have any show traditions? I have a pair of lucky sock and underwear. I try to always wear them on show day
Who are your greatest mentors? Kim Chastain-My aunt, she has taught me everything I know
What is the biggest life lesson you can take away from showing livestock? Responsibility, you have animals you have to care for and work with. You have to work for it, you can’t just expect it to come to you without hard work.
What is the most rewarding experience while showing? Winning two scholarships, will not attend college until Fall 2015!
Do you have any funny/embarrassing show ring moments? At the county fair one time, I had a stubborn heifer and she didn’t want to walk. I was pulling and pulling on her leather halter and it snapped in two so she started running around the ring.

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