Chiefs Sunday | Kansas Beef Expo

Congratulations to Quinton Huncovsky and the entire Kansas Beef Expo on putting on a huge and successful 2020 Kansas Beef Expo! 830 head of cattle came through the rings this weekend!


Congratulations to Rhylee Rodgers on your Supreme Champion Prospect Animal in both rings today!


Busy day in the chutes for a full day of showing steers.


Dani Kasselder uses some Sullivan’s White Touch Up on a front leg.


Colton Deckard dials in a topline.


Every detail counts – don’t forget to fit the tail.


Mike Jones works on a hind leg.


Tracy Goretska smokes in a steer this morning.


Jessie Vallejo works on the belly of the Reserv ShorthornPlus Ring A.


Cole Ridnour fits a hind leg with Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch-Up Paint


Philip Halbach touches up the Champion Market Heifer.


Lance Gilbert works hair on a steer this morning.

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