Chief of the Day – Countdown to the Super Bowl


This year’s Super Bowl LIV features the Kansas City Chiefs – America’s Team and the San Francisco 49ers. As HUGE Chiefs fans, we wanted to do a countdown over the next week and have some fun with it! We want YOU to vote on what type of fan some of our industry friends are!




Yesterday’s Results are in and it seems as though Cody Sankey of Indiana is a… FAIR WEATHER FAN!


No worries though, Cody your kids are still committed to Kansas City because Caroline and Cyrus are ULTIMATE LOYALISTS!



Next Up!

Today’s Fan – Sara Sullivan – daughter of the BIGGEST Chiefs fan on Earth, John Sullivan, Founder of Sullivan Supply, Stock Show University and Sullivan Farms – was born and raised to be a Chiefs fan.

Let us know if you think Sara is an Ultimate Loyalist, just a True Fan or a Bandwagon Fan!

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