Chianina Junior Nationals | ChiAngus Classic Females

Champion ChiAngus Female
HIGG Allure 107j
Sire: PVF Blacklist 7077
Dam: HIGG Allure 307A
Bred by: Amelia Weaver
Congratulations to Rob Oakley


Reserve ChiAngus Female
Sire: Colburn Primo 5153
Dam: Rockn Ace 2 413B
Bred by: Lillie Skiles
Congratulations to Kevin Hesser


Third Overall ChiAngus Female
LLW Card Carolines Chanel 536J
Sire: Somewhere in the Middle ET
Dam: LLWCard Carolines Chanel 36C
Bred by: Lucas Wisnefski
Congratulations to Macie McCollum


Fourth Overall ChiAngus Female
WVW Miss Harper
Sire: JDSF/WVW Driver 118D
Dam: LAF Blackcap 186
Bred by: Woodhaven Farms
Congratulations to Kendall Harper


Fifth Overall ChiAngus Female
WSCC Hennessy 87J ET
Sire: WSCC Perfect Storm 63E ET
Dam: WCC Conley Bar Maid 599
Bred by: Willow Springs Cattle Company
Congratulations to Kennedy Lockhart