Chilly Summer Thursday at the Fiesta | Maine Anjou and Chianina National Junior Show

Full of smiles and extra excited, Brenda Buck and Phillip Lanndgraf celebrate after his son, Ladd, wins Senior Maine-Anjou Showmanship.

Mason Chavez Perez knows not to head to the ring without using Sullivan’s Flare.

Abby Wood is sure to stick around the stall and blow her heifers off when they get up.

Kennedy Vanzant and Trsitian Fields work hair tonight before going to tie outs.

The Pulse and Social Media Manager, Whitney Andras, helps Quin McCollom play Plink-O at the The Pulse booth this afternoon. Be sure to stop by tomorrow and show her you have The Pulse App downloaded or be wearing Sullivan Supply apparel to participate.

Katie Marston is all about the children.

Elisha Morey makes sure to include Sullivan’s Flare into her family’s show day prep routine as they head towards the ring.

Kaylee Miller took a little siesta between today’s showmanship contests.

With that look on Harper Horn’s face, Wes might be in the market for a puppy.

Bondo is extra excited that it was cool enough to tie out before the sun went down tonight.