California Stock Show University® Grad Program Schedule | Saturday, December 2, 2023

2023 California 2-Day Cattle Stock Show University® Grad Program
Modesto Junior College — Ag Facility, Modesto, California
Hosted by Sullivan Supply with the assistance from the Modesto Junior College Animal Science Group
Professors: JW McCurry, Weston Fair, Treyton Fair, Frankie Imhof, and Tess Mittag — Manager of Stock Show University®

Saturday Schedule

8:00am—Registration with Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Staff

8:30am—Have animals fed and to the designated barns (cattle do not need to be washed)

9:00am—Welcome and Meet the Professors; Bleachers

9:30am—Healthy, Hydrated Hair Demonstration —Followed by Professors One on Ones

11:45am—Lunch, Sponsored by Sullivan Supply, and “Livestock Loot” Speaking Stories  

1:00pm—Clipping Demonstration — Followed by Professor One on Ones

4:30pm— S/S FAMOUS Cupcake Eating Contest

5:00pm— Fun Activity with Professors

6:00pm— Dinner, Sponsored by Sullivan Supply


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