Breeder Spotlight – Winegardner Show Cattle

Since their start in 1982, Winegardner Show Cattle has no doubt come a long way. Brad Winegardner started out fresh out of high school when he began his own fitting service working together with a Fullblood Chianina breeder. This lead to Brad breeding his own Chianina cattle and eventually making his way into the ChiAngus as well as dabbling in multiple breeds throughout the industry. Stating that he simply “likes good cattle” no matter the breed if they are quality livestock the Winegardner family just might be in.

Junior Nationals are extremely important to the Winegardner family and they are avid supporters in the program. Being “the first show” Tyler ever showed at, followed by his sisters, the fact that it’s a family affair is of the utmost significance to them and they love to support their customers at their “most favorite show.” Brad’s love for Junior Nationals runs deep and he even mentions that they are “the greatest format of all the cattle shows…good in every aspect.” The Winegardner family have had a lot of undeniable success over many years of being a known name, but Tyler’s favorite show moment would have to be when his sister, Hannah, won both the Chi & Shorthorn junior nationals in the same summer. Recalling “that was a pretty good year”, showcasing how much they enjoy the family aspect of Junior Nationals.

Although the breed has shifted and changed over the families 30 plus years, they are confident that the industry is in a “good place with these cattle” and that there is “some performance, body and power” to be had. As far as their advice to up and coming breeders, Brad and Tyler Winegardner and Kurtis Klingaman agree unanimously that you shouldn’t be drawn to what’s trendy at the moment in the industry. Brad mentions “I’ve watched a lot of different trends in the last 40 years…I’ve always said to people you got to raise the kind of cattle that you like and make them the best that you can make them.”

Special thanks to the Winegardners and Kurtis Klingaman for sitting down with The Pulse, and talking about your passion!