Bolin Brothers | Tis the Season Show Heifer Sale – CLOSING SOON

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Lot 1 – ShorthornPlus/Low Chi
Sire: DJS The Outsider
Dam: SULL Breathless Revolution
DOB: May 2023
Breed: ShorthornPlus/Low Chi (75% Shorthorn / 3.2% Chianina)
ELITE ELITE ELITE. Don’t let her color scare you off, this one has the power to go the distance and has been at the top of everyone’s list for months. She is sound, hairy, big bodied and beyond feminine. We took her out a couple of weekends ago and she dominated a competitive ShorthornPlus show in both rings. She is young and still plenty green but the sky is the limit for this one. Disposition will not be a concern with her either, throw a showstick or a comb on her and she is putty in your hands. Will compete well in Shorthorn or Low Chi shows, don’t forget Maine/Chi junior nationals is just up the road in Springfield this summer. Her dam SULL Breathless Revolution was successful campaigned by Sara Sullivan before finding her way to our herd and becoming one of our best cows. We have no doubt this one will follow her in mothers footsteps.

Lot 2
Sire: THSF Loverboy 203
Dam: RJ PF Rita 8288FB
DOB: March 2023
Breed: Percentage Simmental
From the second this one came on our place we knew that she was special. Elegant and sound with enough power to compete with the big dogs. This mating is next level with the industry wide success of Loverboy and the powerhouse dam in RJ PF Rita 8288 it’s hard to go wrong. Make a splash at junior nationals this summer in Tulsa. Her dam was none other than, RJ PF Rita 8288F, boasting one of the most distinguished, nationwide show careers. In 2019, she clinched the Grand Champion Percentage Female title at the Simmental National Classic and dominated both the open and junior shows at the Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes. RJ PF Rita 8288F continued her winning streak by being crowned the Supreme Champion Female at the 2019 Iowa State Fair and the Supreme Champion Junior Female at the 2019 North American International Livestock Exposition.

Lot 3
Sire: Silveiras Forbes 8088
Dam: WB Princess 902 (Pendleton x Pebbles)
DOB: May 2023
Breed: Angus
Annie the Angus is green but packed with potential. With all-star Angus genetics on both sides of the pedigree she will work as a show heifer and a donor cow. Sound, functional and pretty as you please. Her dam, WB Princess 902 was Supreme Champion Female at the 2020 Iowa Beef Expo and Champion Angus Female at the 2021 Cattlemen’s Congress. She was the 2020 ROV Show Heifer of the Year for Sara Sullivan. WB Princess 902’s dam is EXAR Princess 6680, a Triple Crown winner for Carter Ward. WB Princess 902 generated $100,000 in progeny in her first set of ET calves in her 2022 calf crop.

Lot 4
Sire: THSF Loverboy 203
Dam: JBSF Proud Mary 317C
DOB: February 2023
Breed: Purebred Simmental
Talk about versatility. Not only will this one hang banners but with a mating like this, her progeny are sure to be elite. This purebred Simmental has caught everyone’s eye that came and looked through the cattle. It’s hard to miss her completeness when you really study her. Not only does she have the body shape and dimension of the Proud Mary progeny but she carries it with extra look and soundness. Her dam, Proud Mary is one of the most recognizable females in the Simmental breed. What her daughters have sold for and the success they have had in the show ring is truly impressive. Would look great on the tan bark in Tulsa this summer at junior nationals.

Lot 5
Sire: THSF Loverboy 203
Dam: CYT Max Rosa 310
DOB: January 2023
Breed: ShorthornPlus/Percentage Simmental
Of all the females being offered this one has donor written all over her. Affectionately named Tina we have grown to really like this one. She is stout, huge middled and sound as a cat. Hang a few banners and then watch her change your herd as a donor. Out of the famous CYT Max Rosa 310, Shorthorn royalty and the ever popular Simmental bull THSF Loverboy 203, the breeding options are limitless. Calm and easy feeding, great for beginning showman looking to kick off their show career with a bang. Make the trek to Maryland for Shorthorn junior nationals or stay close to home and take her to Tulsa for Simmental!

Lot 6
Sire: Mercedes Benz
Dam: Commercial Meyer 734
DOB: June 2023
Breed: Mainetainer
Our friend Cody Green decided to add this one to our sale and we couldn’t be happier. Green really defines this one but with a few more days on feed she will really be something special. Tons of look and soundness in a powerful package. Hitting in a good age division she should really compete well in Springfield this summer.

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