Blood, Sweat, and Steers | The Patriot Junior Market Steer Show (Abilene, TX)

Sturgeon smoking out a top line.


Tony Jeffs dialing one in.


Sullivan Supply Inc. would like to tip out hats to the Meier family and everyone involved in stepping up to put on The Patriot for Texas steer exhibitors.


Just a Holmie hard at work.


The blow n’ go ringside essential.


Leah Underwood blowing out her steer.


The Jackson family carrying on yesterday’s hug theme.


Dude’s like a puma.


Judges Amanda Schnoor and Tim Fitzgerald were a dynamic duo sorting steers here at The Patriot.


All the feels.


Tracy Goretska clipping on a tail.


Sawyer May sharing a sweet moment with her dad.


Ryan Holaway working away.


Bobby and Mandi Maddox sharing a celebratory embrace.


Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.