Best of the Barns | Herdsman of the Year

As an industry, we are fortunate to have the best of the best as herdsman. This year the highly sought after and coveted title of Herdsman of the Year was awarded to Garrett Cloud of Buck Creek Ranch. Based out of Yale, Oklahoma, Garrett oversees the day to day duties at Buck Creek Ranch, while striving to produce some of the best Simmental and Angus genetics on the market. Being in the industry, we all know this is a team effort, from raising one to tailing them to the ring, but it takes one remarkable leader and cattleman to manage a successful operation. 

Garrett may have been raised in a hog barn, but from what we understand he got to the cattle side as fast as he could. Before his journey began with Buck Creek Ranch, Garrett was known as a road warrior to many, hitting every show and sale he could and picking up any wisdom and pointers along the way from mentors such as Jeremy Clark and Brian Goettemoeller. Garrett believes some of his greater accomplishments were made during those times while he was privileged to work on and be a part of countless National Champions. Many say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Garrett said watch this, and proved that theory unbelievably wrong. Today Garrett can run a set of clippers with the best of them, if we told you he had never picked up a set until he was in his college years, you would think we were lying. The drive, determination, work ethic, and desire to help others are just a few of the characteristics that sets Garrett apart from others and helped him obtain the coveted title of Herdsman of the Year. 

Garrett prides himself in working to be at the top as one of the elites in the industry. That doesn’t come without always being willing to assist others and offer any advice to younger generations. “My advice to the younger upcoming generation would be to always follow your heart and be open to criticism. You’ll never learn anything thinking that you already know everything. Take it from me, a guy who grew up showing pigs threw high school and never running a set of clippers till I was in college.” 

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