Badger Brawl | You Ball, I Brawl, We Win It All

Mason Kishman is getting the perfect angle on his tail head.

Woke up this morning and chose teamwork. Sawyer Claussen, Grant Wilson, and Coryn Wilson are working the Andis clippers and Powdrful’ this morning.

Double the power means double the trouble.

Tenley Pyskza is a BEAST with her blower.

Our Kegley Show Supply team is phenomenal. Grab what you need today and pre-order anything you need for your next show.

Bryson Ingram is shaping a leg like a rock star and he’s got good help.

Stickin’ to what we know; the brand trusted by Champions.

Summitt Lee is learning the ropes of the show ring with her mama.

Kennedy Witt is getting in close and not leaving one hair out of place.

Judge Brent Murphy said it best, “A great set of cattle, and even better set of young people.”

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