Angus Junior Nationals | Stock Show University Clinic

We had a great turnout at the SSU Clinic in Kansas City this evening!

Founder of Sullivan Supply, Stock Show University & Sullivan Farms- John Sullivan,  explaining how to correctly hold your show stick and halter in the show ring.

Tess Mittag, Stock Show U Manager, explaining the importance of Sullivan’s Volumizer and Hydrator in your hair-care routine.

Lauren May, Purina Intern threw out some free feed cups to the kids!

Professionalism and Posture are showmanship essentials in the ring.

Professor Garrett Blanchard talks about the difference between Sullivan’s Revive and Revive Lite.

Professor Maddie Bauer and Professor Bree Taylor: The Ultimate Showdown.

Unfortunately for Professor Maddie Bauer, she was congratulated with the bucket of water given to every Showmanship Showdown Loser.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Stock Show University Clinic at the Biggest Show on Dirt!


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