And the guest blogger is…

We are excited to announce our first ever guest blogger is……the Dragstrem family from Indiana!! We can’t wait to see them chronicle their week at Shorthorn Junior Nationals!!

Hello from the Dragstrem Family; Bob, Elaine, Megan, and Allison. We reside in North Central Indiana on a 1000 acre grain and Shorthorn Cow Calf Operation. My mother Elaine is a 3rd generation Shorthorn Breeder and that is how and why Allison and I have such a fond love for the breed. My family has never taken a family vacation that doesn’t include our cattle. We consider the cattle as a family project that we all work together and show together. Although we have never won a major show, we still have many fond memories from the places we have shown and the friends we meet. Allison and I have been involved with the Shorthorn Lassie Association for many years now. Serving as the Indiana State Lassie Princess and Queen then going on to have the honor of serving as the 2012-2013 National Alternate Shorthorn Lassie Queen. Through the year as queen I was able to travel to 13 states, some more than once, to go to various events, shows, conferences. I made many new friends and acquaintances along the way. The Shorthorn breeders and families are some of the best, because the way I look at it it’s not just the cattle it’s the people also.

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