And That’s A Grand Slam | AJSA National Classic

Congratulations to Sara Sullivan on exhibiting the Grand Champion Owned Purebred Heifer!


Braydon Cull glues up his heifer’s legs with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.


Makenna Hoppa brings home the Reserve Champion Owned Purebred Heifer title. Congratulations, Makenna!


Had to bring in the big guns on the last heifer. No worries, Will Miller’s got this with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.


Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive is the glue of choice for Michael Myerscough on this calf.


Garrett Stanfield pulls up his heifer’s leg with Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive.


Deken Kemme sprays Sullivan’s Black Finisher on his heifer’s tail.


Teamwork makes the dream work.


Congratulations to Kenidey Effling on your Champion Bred & Owned Percentage Heifer today!


Will Adcock builds his heifer’s back leg with Sullivan’s Poweder’Ful.


Mady Frederick using the magic to breakdown wit Hocus Pocus.


Congratulations to Darla Aegerter, ASA Youth Programs and ASF Manager, Chance Ujazdowski, ASA PTP Coordinator, and the entire ASA Staff on great two days of Bred & Owned & Owned Shows!