American Royal | Hey Alexa, Play “We Are The Champions”

Judges Jared Boyert and Deb Core slap Mya Curran’s Division II steer for champion.

Shaylynn Rodgers making sure her crew gets the job done correctly.

Trent Kempker using Powder’Ful to build a leg.

Josh Streitmatter working hard on a hind leg.

The Bonham Crew working hard to get George Sinclair’s steer ready for the drive.

Brady McComb using his Andis ZR2 clippers to master a topline.

Wade Rodgers and Tracy Goretska celebrating after the steer drive.

Spotted: Baylor Bonham breaking out the big shears once again.

Judges Shannon Scotten and Skyler Scotten evaluating the impressive lineup of market goats.

Congratulations to Payge Dahmer on your BIG American Royal win!

Kenna Cooley using Tail Adhesive to fit a leg.

The Boyert Girls watching their family evaluate the champion drive.

Sugar Coat is a sheep’s best friend!

What a beautiful sight in the goat barn??

The Goretska Crew trusts Sullivan Supply back at the chutes.

Spray, comb, repeat.

Do you have White Out in your grand drive routine??

Judge Skyler Scotten congratulates Maci Zerbach on her Champion Market Goat!

Avery Layton’s biggest fans celebrate her win in the hog ring tonight!

Tracy Goretska balling a tail with a Sullivan’s Skip Tooth comb.

For the best comfort by the stand, grab a Sullivan’s fitting mat.