American Junior Simmental National Classic | Wild Thing! You Make My Heart Sing!

Avery Metzger is feelin’ fresh matching with Fresh and Feminine today!

Cash Rumple isn’t letting any wildness get in the way of daily hair care.

The fan shop is full this afternoon, and we can’t wait to see all the wild things in new gear this week.

The Lyle boys started their own wild wrestling match at the stalls this afternoon.

Bella Wildermuth starting the day with a splash.

Blake Fabrizius blowing with an Air Express III isn’t wild, it’s just the thing to do.

Sales Intern Celilo Brun is all smiles at the trailer, stop by and say hi!

Simmental Junior Advisor, Mia Bayer, had a fan club supporting here today! Thanks for all your hard work Mia!